UK Court Transcriptions

Our court reporters will attend court and provide a high-quality real-time or same-day transcript, and our admin staff will liaise with the Listing Office to arrange court access, the submission of EX107 forms and anything else they can do to assist and ensure the smooth running of our clients’ attendance in court.

How We Can Help

Juriscript brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that submissions and evidence are captured accurately. Choosing Juriscript for UK Court Transcription means selecting a trusted partner dedicated to delivering accurate and timely documentation of proceedings.

Juriscript is transcriber-founded, meaning that we can be far more cost-effective than our competitor service providers. When choosing to partner with Juriscript, clients save time and money, ensuring the most effective allocation of resources.

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Why Choose Us for UK Court Transcriptions

We work with the top echelon of UK court reporters, who provide a service that is specifically tailored to meet the exacting standards of UK court proceedings. Our transcription teams are well versed in the need for professionalism, confidentiality and exceptional work at all times.

Trust is the foundation of our service. We prioritise timeliness and consistency, ensuring that your transcripts are delivered promptly, meeting the highest professional standards.

Juriscript understands the financial considerations that legal professionals face. Clients choose us for extensive expertise in UK court proceedings, timely and consistent delivery, and cost-effective solutions.

What Our UK Court Transcription Services Entail

Our UK Court Transcription services are founded on two simple principles:

Accuracy: Our verbatim transcription services ensure that every word spoken during court proceedings is accurately captured, creating a comprehensive record.

Expedition: Time is of the essence, and we guarantee prompt delivery of the necessary documentation. Clients can typically expect to receive fully edited transcripts within 60 minutes of the conclusion of the hearing day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Typically, clients can expect to receive fully edited transcripts within 60 minutes of the conclusion of the hearing day.

Absolutely. Our UK Court Transcription services are designed to be flexible and customisable for easy readability. You can request specific formatting, annotations, or any other personalised preferences to ensure the transcripts meet your exact specifications.

Yes, we are committed to providing cost-effective transcription solutions to our clients. While maintaining the precision and quality of our services, we ensure that our UK Court Transcription services offer an economical resource for legal professionals.