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We are a trusted legal transcription services partner of law firms and hearing centres worldwide. Our services cover UK Court Transcripts, International Arbitration, Virtual Hearings, and EPE & Electronic Bundling

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What We Do

We are focused on transcription services, allowing us to be more efficient, more flexible and more cost-effective than our competitors. We work with the most experienced transcribers in the business, allowing us to provide extremely accurate expedited transcripts for an industry-leading client experience.

UK Court Reporting

Juriscript has extensive experience of working in the UK Courts. We have a wealth of experience of providing real-time and daily transcription to hearings in the Rolls Building, the RCJ and in courts around the UK.

International Arbitration

Juriscript is a recommended transcription partner of many arbitration centres in the UK and Europe, who trust us to provide an exceptional service to their clients and to ensure that their hosted arbitration runs smoothly.

Virtual Hearings

We offer a fully managed and integrated virtual hearing solution, alongside real-time transcription and EPE, to allow our clients to delegate the technical aspects of the hearing and concentrate 100% on the matter in hand.


We work with our colleagues at TrialView to provide an integrated e-bundling and document presentation service. Together we provide our clients with a one-stop-shop of transcription and e-platform solutions.

Types Of Transcription We Offer

Real-Time Transcription

A highly-skilled stenographer transcribes the spoken word at up to speeds of 300 words per minute, whilst accurately capturing tone and nuance. This transcription is streamed in real time onto screens in the hearing room.

The real-time transcript can also be streamed to a device anywhere in the world, allowing colleagues and stakeholders outside of the hearing room to be involved in events as they happen.

End Of Day Transcription

A stenographer works in tandem with an experienced scopist to provide a fully edited verbatim transcript, typically within 60 minutes of the end of the hearing day. Draft copies are available on request at any time.

Why Work With Juriscript?

We understand the critical importance of accurate and expedited transcripts for legal teams. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for those who seek not just a service but a partner in the hearing room.

At Juriscript we believe that quality should not come at a premium. Our specialisation in transcription services allows us to optimise costs without sacrificing the excellence that defines our work. Experience cost-effectiveness without compromise – where your budget is respected, and value is never compromised.

Our Core Values

Our business is based on three major core values that we ensure underpin every project we undertake.

Accuracy: As they say, words matter. We only work with the most highly skilled, highly experienced transcribers, in order to ensure that our transcripts are an indispensable tool.

Reliability: Whilst courtrooms and arbitration centres are our everyday, we understand that our clients will often not be in familiar territory. When there are various moving parts to make a hearing run smoothly, our clients depend on us for consistent, timely, and high-quality legal transcription. Our track record is a testament to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Cost-Effectiveness: We train our transcribers to oversee the IT in the hearing room and we make them the point of contact for any urgent requests or clarifications, meaning that we can respond quickly and also to minimise admin staffing, allowing us to provide affordability in an industry where quality often comes at a premium.

Technology In The Legal World

With the arrival of advanced technologies into the legal world, the days of a human stenographer typing a hearing transcript may seem to be numbered. However, the art and skill of stenography will continue to offer unique advantages that even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems will struggle to replicate for the foreseeable future.

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